Pics of the Day: The Man behind the Mystery

So, since I mention the boyfriend a lot, I figured I’d let readers put a face with a title. He’s very supportive of my writing and is nice enough to be moving cross country so that I can go to the law school I want to. Basically he deserves a huge shout out! 

Don’t get too excited, people!





He’s the biggest Redskins fan I have ever met. Ok, make that football fan. It’s kind of scary.




Ooooh, aren’t we precious. Just kidding. A lot of credit does go to him, though, for forcing me to sit down and write and for letting me be completely obsessive about checking my inbox for emails from agents. Plus, he hears more “writing talk” than any one person should be forced to endure.


6 thoughts on “Pics of the Day: The Man behind the Mystery

  1. cmcraig says:

    Thanks for commenting guys!

    Terry-we’re all pretty new here. has it been a month yet?? So, I ‘m glad to have you! Come back often!!

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