Life As I Know It


The Borrowers stole my Coffee Mate. I remember with 100% clarity almost putting my Coffee Mate in the pantry, then remembering it was perishable and needed to go in the fridge. And now it’s gone. That has nothing to do with anything. But I AM angry about it!

Anyway, with the onslaught of completely awesome interviews, y’all haven’t heard from me in awhile,  so I thought I’d say “hi” and tell you what is up with me.

1. Sent my agent a proposal of what I was working on. He loved it! Which is great because I loved it! Even more great is that this was the first prose sample I’d sent him, so it was extremely validating to feel like I’d gotten it right. Jen, Lily/Alice, Kasey, and Gretchen were all extremely instrumental in whipping those three chapters into shape.

2. I had a phone chat with agent about the chapters as well as next steps. I’m currently working on a couple revisions, nothing too intense for that proposal. After that, I’ll throw myself into that project full steam ahead.

3. Oh yeah, I started law school again and it is trying to kill me. This also makes me angry. But not as angry as The Borrowers who stole my Coffee Mate.

4. I’ve been slowly but surely reading Jen’s supercool WIP, CLASH. Love it.

5. Occasionally sleeping.


What’s new with y’all?


6 thoughts on “Life As I Know It

  1. fromahouseonbrownave says:

    careful with the grad-school while blogging….i’m still working on my balance between cardiac electrophysiology, EKG’s, and checking blood smears for elevated leukocytes with writing about crappy ex girlfriends and horrible family stories about the men my mom brought home…haha

    Only so many hours in the day! Good luck with law school though!

  2. Jen says:

    I’d be upset if someone snatched my Coffee Mate.

    So excited your agent loves your chapters, and I’m so excited you’re liking Clash. 🙂

  3. Georgie B says:


    Good luck in juggling all of those things at once. Don’t burn yourself out in the process.

    Only thing new with me was seriously contemplating suing someone for copyright infringement.

    So far, I’m still contemplating it because I’m waiting to see what the next person’s move will be.

  4. Creative A says:

    Lol. Borrowers drink coffee, too!

    It’s fun reading the updates on your life. Not much has changed for me, but I did start a new novel. How is SCOUT doing? Same old same old?


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