Favorite Blogs

Feeling uninspired? Here, let me fix that…

Amazing Authors:

YA Muses

YA Highway

YA Misfits

Lisa and Laura Write

Natalie Whipple: Between Fact and Fiction

Headdesk for Writers

Philip Siegel: A Time to Phil

Sara Zarr

Hank and John Green: Vlogbrothers (DFTBA)

Courtney Summers

Claudia Gray

Taryn Albright: The Girl with the Green Pen

Stephanie Oakes

For the love of writing:

Laini Taylor: Not for Robots

Holly Black: Writing Resources


5 Writing Tips from Laini Taylor

Alexandra Sokolff: Screenwriting Tricks for Authors

The Secret Life of Writers

The Writer Diaries

Pen & Muse

On The Publishing Journey:

Submission Hell–It’s True at Writer, Writer Pants on Fire

Cover Stories by Melissa Walker

The Daily Dahlia (check out her Perpetual WIPs series in the heading of her blog–one word: awesome)

Industry Blogs:

Nathan Bransford

Agent Kristin Nelson: Pub Rants

Mary Kole: Kidlit.com


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