Five Things


Thing the first. I wrote ten pages this weekend. I feel pretty good about that. I *might* write one page today, but I’ve pretty much reserved the whole day for law school stuff and The Office.

Thing the second. The Office is an hour long tonight! I have consistently lamented the fact that The Office is only a half hour show. It’s just NOT ENOUGH!!! The legal writing and research memo my professor assigned is about Jim Halpert suing Ryan Howard for defamation. So, I guess maybe that will more than make up for all The Office I can handle.

Thing the third. Why is everyone on LiveJournal except me? I’ve been thinking about this and, I won’t lie to you, it makes me a little sad. I tried to use LiveJournal once, but it confused me a lot. What do you do with your list of friends over there? I don’t get it.

Thing the fourth. I do not appreciate everyone writing posts about The Hunger Games. Ok, people? Now, I really really really want to read it. Ok, that and The Graveyard Book. But I one hundred percent do not have the time right now. Plus, I’m currently writing a book and I don’t like to read books and write them at the same time because I’m like a parrot. The voice in the book I’m writing will automatically start to sound like the voice in the book I’m reading. Generally, that’s not a good thing. Anyone else refuse to read while they write?

Thing the fifth. Nate’s apartment is puppysitting this weekend and guess what the puppy’s name is? Scout!!! Ok, yes my Scout actually is a feline shapeshifter. But minor detail. Anyway, I had to take pics of course. (Sorry, they’re a little blurry. I took them on my phone.)








8 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. Creative A says:

    Lol, cute pics! Although Nathan looked more tired than the puppy.

    I can usually read books without starting to sound like them, although sometimes if I’m having a lot of trouble getting the right voice, I’ll read books that sound how I want to. Because after I write a few scenes in that voice, I usually come in to my own.


  2. xalwaysdreamx says:

    Hehe, I’m like a parrot too, but i was thinking, if you read enough books are you write, your story will be a mix of a dozen different voices and ta-da you have your own voice!

  3. Lisa says:

    I started w/ LiveJournal, and I love it. The friends-list is just an easy way to bookmark blogs you want to read. I especially like the ability to “lock” some posts to particular groups on my f-list.

  4. cmcraig says:

    Ok, y’all seem in the know. Is there anyway to cross-post with livejournal? Or would I do it manually?? If so, I have more questions.

    Dara-did you like the Jack Black slash sort of Jessica Alba cameo? I was not so much a fan of that. But why have we not had a Michael roast earlier!?

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